Welcome to the future home of Land Shark Ranch!

The drive in takes about about 15 minutes from the frontage road entrance, around 6. 5 miles!

Once we arrived it was a windy day so it's kinda hard to hear some of what I had to say but all anyone needs to know is my hearing will return to normal as soon as we move there! The place is quiet and peaceful I am so excited! I only hope the quiet doesn't drive me as crazy as the current road noise behind the house we live in now. 

The place is situated in a ranching community that used to be two larger ranches. The rancher is still currently using the land for his cows and we have the choice to let them roam or fence off the entire parcel. For now we think we like the cows and will welcome them with open arms and paws.

Thanks for watching the crazy beginning and be sure to check back for updates on when we start the building process! Now that's going to be an adventure you don't want to miss!